From Today’s Edition of Interfaith America

I ran into a young man on the stairs as I was descending to the library lobby. I smiled as usual, and he smiled back. I kept descending a few steps.

Man: Excuse me, Sir.

Me: Yes.

Man: Hi, my name’s James.

Me: I’m Misdi.

Man: Mmhh. I’m a Christian. Are you a Christian?

Me: No. I’m a Muslim.

Man: Did you pray back there? I saw you bow your head and close your eyes before studying.

Me: Well, actually no. I was sleepy.

Man: Oh, I see.

Me: I do pray, though, but not before studying. Sometimes before eating.

Man: I see. Well. Anyways, Merry Christmas!

Me: Merry Christmas!

I continued descending the the stairs, and I remembered two days before my wife had told me to recite “Rabbi zidni ilma…” before studying. I guess James was just somebody God sent to remind me to say hi to Him/Her/It before I start studying.


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