Fake Walmart Smile

Misdi: … , so that’s why I returned.
Walmart Associate 1: Well, that’s actually your own responsibility young man.
Misdi: So why did you put that thing there in the first place if eventually you blame us for its glitches?
(Tiba-tiba dari belakang terdengar.)
Customer: Howye doing, Cathy?
Walmart Associate 2: Well… (Sedari tadi dia hanya berdiri di sebelah Walmart Associate 1, melihat Misdi dan Walmart Associate 1 berunding).
Customer: At least you’re smiling.
Walmart Associate 2: Well…
Walmart Associate 1: (Menyela perbincangan yang menyela diskusinya) You know it’s just that fake Walmart smile!
Misdi: So, how much did you get that fake Walmart smile for?
Walmart Associate 1: ???
Misdi: Is it made in China, Equador, Bangladesh, Indonesia like everything else?
Walmart Associate 1: ???
Misdi: I bet it’s not. If they are, at least they’re affordable for the 99% like us.
Walmart Associate 1: ??? You’re getting noisy, young man!
Misdi: Give me my 6.60 bucks back!


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