He Loves You

Jane: It’s kind of like hard to believe he loves me.
Kylie: So what’s the situation. Do you not talk to him anymore?
Jane: Here’s the deal. He texts me all the time. Morning, afternoon, evening. He’s definitely taking the full advantage of AT&T unlimited text plan.
Kylie: Wait, where the heck is he? Yes, oh my god, I haven’t seen him in like ages. Jeez!
Jane: No, he’s doing an internship in Texas.
Kylie: He loves you. Oh, Texas?
Jane: The last time I saw him was like right before winter break. Since then, he’s been sort of like out of my life. Physically, I mean. By the way, went to your granny in Texas couple of weeks ago right?
Kylie: He loves you. Yeah, in Fort Worth.
Jane: You could’ve seen him, to check how he’s doing without me. Anyways, wanna hear my Valentine’s Day story?
Kylie: Hold on there. HE F**KING LOVES YOU, Jane! Texting everyday, morning, afternoon, evening. That’s frikkin crazy, girl!
Jane: He gave me–
Kylie: Hold on, got a phone call (dia mengeluarkan iPhone dari kantong samping di tas pungungnya).
Jane: Go ahead. I won’t listen.
Kylie: By the way… he loves you, darling. (Kylie memeluk Jane sebentar dan meninggalkan ruangan. Begitu dia tutup kembali pintu ruangan, dia langsung berteriak dengan tertahan ke iPhone-nya:) It’s not the right time, Sam.
Sam: (Dari dalam speaker iPhone) Hey, why are you yelling?


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