Kutipan tentang “Suap” dari novel Cynics (1928) karya Anatoly Marienhof

Ini dia kutipan tentang suap itu:

Dokoutchaev had created a complete “philosopy of bribery.” He did not believe in the existence of “non-takers” (orang yang gak mau menerima suap). He insisted that the surname of Incorruptible was unjustly applied to Robespierre.

To Dokoutchaev, a bribe had thousands of gradations, and millions of nuances: from the very coarsest—from hand to hand—to the most delicate, which might be likened to Gallic flattery.

“All take,” said Dokoutchaev. “The only question is—what!”

Jadi begitulah menurut falsafah penyuapan Dokoutchaev: “Semua orang mau menerima suap. Yang jadi soal hanyalah: Dalam bentuk apa!”


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