From NPR’s Interview with Hisham Matar

This report of NPR interview with Hisham Matar centers on the author’s view of the Libyan government with regards to literature. This reports quotes a number of Matar’s statements during the interview among which we could find Matar telling us that once the Libyan Government held some sort of literary festival with the aim of capturing the authors who attended the festival, tortured them and sent them to prison for at least 10 years. The fear that the regime inspired Libyan authors made them turn to allegory for their works. As a son of a former diplomat who was abducted by the regime from their exile home in Cairo, Matar promised that he would make something beautiful out of it. And that is the petite In the Country of Men, whose style is dramatically different from most Libyan authors with its detailed depiction of 1979 Tripoli.

From NPR’s Interview with Hisham Matar


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