Santa Ashar

Boy: Mom, Santa’s gone!
Mom: Wait a bit. He must be in one of these stores. Wait a little bit, OK, Calvin. (Then she went on talking to the shopkeeper of the perfume store. They were in one of the most sophisticated malls in Indonesia’s capitol Jakarta.)
Boy: No, Mom, he’s gone! Find him Mom! (He started to sob, and … you know how a four year old boy when Santa slid out of his sight, sort of.) Where’s he, Mom?
Mom: OK, OK. (She definitely needed some peace of mind, more than anything else in the world–especially she had yet to make up her mind: Elizabeth Arden, Dolce Gabana, Juicy Coutoure? You name it.) Hey, Mr. Security Guard, Sir, where’s that Santa. I think he was over there. My son wants to see him again.
Security Guard: Oh, Karyadi? I mean, Santa? He’s off for ashar prayers in the mosque next door. He’ll be back in a bit. Don’t worry, Boy! (Thus ended the scene as I imagined it from Budiarto Shambazy’s facebook status update.)


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