The Five–I Mean Four–Seasons of the Year

Yulianto: Guess what? Arkansas has more than four seasons.
Vincent: Hold on, what’s goin on here, man?
Yulianto: No, I was saying that we got more than four seasons here.
Vincent: No, no, no, I know what it meant. Well, English is my mother tongue–I have to confess. But when you said that we got more than four seasons here, I was wondering like what does this man imply? Scientifically speaking, your proposition is definitely wrong in the truest sense of the word wrong.
Yulianto: Get out of here, Bertrand, cut it off!
Vincent: Ha ha!
Yulianto: OK, let me put it like this, I know for sure, more than a hundred percent–if that’s possible by your mathematical logic–that there’s at least five seasons here on campus.
Vincent: So, I think I know the first four, what’s the fifth?
Yulianto: Why, it’s the FINALS SEASON!
Vincent: Ha ha ha. I got the joke, Henry James. Why!
Yulianto: You have to.
Vincent: But I just saw one problem in your logic there.
Yulianto: No way! I don’t remember inviting any Bertrand Russel here?
Vincent: No, no. no. Look, we still have four seasons here even with the finals season added.
Yulianto: How is that possible?
Vincent: It breaks down like this. We start with Fall, then jump to Spring, and Summer and Finals seasons.
Yulianto: You forgot winter, man.
Vincent: D’you remember ever seeing “Winter” in your academic calendar?
Yulianto: What the….????


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