Kahlil Gibran: His Life and World (2)

Again, about the biography Kahlil Gibran I started to talk about a few posts ago. FYI, the book is written by Jean Gibran and Kahlil Gibran. Super FYI, the Kahlil Gibran that co-authors this biography is not the Kahlil Gibran we know as “the Poet” or “the Prophet”. This Kahlil Gibran is the son to the Poet Kahlil Gibran’s cousin N’oula Gibran, who happened to bear the Poet’s name (probably because N’oula Gibran was so impressed by Kahlil Gibran the Poet himself). And Jean Gibran, as you might guess, is the biography author Kahlil Gibran’s wife.

OK, one confusion gone, let’s go to another interesting thing about the biography: the authors’ boldness to demystify the Poet Kahlil Gibran (hencetoforth, when I say “Kahlil Gibran” it means Kahlil Gibran the Poet unless stated otherwise). You’ll find a lot of demystification applied when you come to read the book. For the time being, I will only show one of them.

One of Kahlil Gibran’s essays states that as a kid he had an uneventful accident which caused him a broken shoulder blade. Gibran’s said that when he was healed his shoulder was sort of deformed. Following a local medical wisdom, he had to let some medicine man “fixed” his shoulder blade by breaking it again and put it in its right position. To avoid deformation, he had to be tied to a cross for forty days. According to this current biography, actually that “GIBRAN HAD TO BE TIED TO A CROSS FOR FORTY DAYS” is an exaggeration. Kahlil Gibran told the story so to make him look like a Christ figure, who was ON THE CROSS and had to be BURIED FOR FORTY DAYS.

That’s one of the important things about the biography of Kahlil Gibran that I can tell you for now. Expect to hear more.


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